What Is Detailing?

Detailing a car is essentially where you can take your paint to show car standard

It is a time-consuming process of cutting, refining and polishing and is favoured by car show enthusiasts and OCD people (Like Me) who just want their car paint to look incredible.

Paint Enhancement

From £225

The paintwork enhancement is a single stage machine polish conducted with a fine finishing polish, designed to remove minor abrasions whilst leaving behind a protective coating.


We combine this with a Rupes medium wool pad in most cases in order to bring the most gloss and clarity back to your paint.


You can expect to see around a 55% - 70% defect removal including swirls, hazing, marring and light scratches whilst at the same time restoring an incredible level of depth and shine.


The video above is an example of our one step.

Minor Paint Correction

From £495

The minor paint correction is typically a 2 - 3 day job depending on the size of vehicle and involves a two-stage machine correction.

The first stage uses a course cutting pad with a course compound in order to level the paint and remove most scratches, swirls and abrasions. 

This is followed by further refinement using a soft foam pad and finishing polish to remove any haze installed by the first stage.

You can expect somewhere in the region of a 90% defect removal whilst boosting gloss and clarity to its maximum potential.

Major Paint Correction

From £795

This is our top-level package designed to chase absolute paint perfection (where safe to do so) and take your car to concourse condition.

Everything will be tackled from paintwork and tailpipes to brightwork and glass.

Meticulous attention is paid to every corner of the vehicle in order to bring its condition to better than new, using toothpicks and swabs to reach every crease and crevice.

Most of our clients will follow this up with a ceramic coating in order to lock in the result and provide a level of gloss, clarity and protection that will still be evident in years to come.

Auto Detailing

Detailing your car is taking your paintwork to a whole new level. we start the process with a physical decontamination by using a thick foam. This is known as a touchless wash and is a key point in reducing the amount of contact with the paintwork.

From there we use shampoo in order to gently agitate any remaining particles away from the paintwork. We will then conduct a full chemical decontamination by using tar and iron remover in order to produce the cleanest paintwork. Finally we finish with a clay bar in order to remove the final and smallest particulates from the clearcoat of the car.

Already your car will be looking a million dollars, but we dont stop there. The next process is to compound the paintwork. This is done using a dual action polisher, the purpose being to remove any swirls, scratching or hazing caused by improper cleaning and general wear and tear.

The second to last stage is to repeat the polishing process but this time with a fine polish. At this point, your vehicle will be looking better than it did when it was new!

If required, the final part of the process is to apply a ceramic coating. this will provide an incredibly durable layer that not only causes water to bead and run off but also provides an impervious layer to dirt and grime making future cleaning a breeze, whilst giving powerful protection against UV rays from the sun which dull the paint finish and also protect against bird lime etching and tree sap. 

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