Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings have seen a massive boost in recent years, and for good reason. They can help keep your paintwork looking amazing for months, not to mention the fact that water and dirt are easily repelled due to their hydrophobic properties.

These types of nanocoatings are, for obvious reasons highly desired by owners of expensive cars, however, as the Sio2 or silica dioxide technology has improved so has the price seen a reduction to the point that ceramic coatings are accessible to car owners of all levels, and rather than being charged over the top from specialist suppliers, are now being stocked by everyone's favourite online retailer!

Living in Cornwall with our abundance of salty sea air and seagulls, the coating really comes into its own.

We work with several different products depending on your budget., however, we will never use an inferior product just to save a few quid. 

The simplest solution to protect your paintwork is to use a part synthetic carnauba wax, which provides a deep rich lustre to your paintwork, is unbelievably hydrophobic ( water repelling ) and will last up to several months depending on how often the car is exposed to the elements.

Here is a link to the wax that we personally use 

If you would like to take your paint finish to the next level then we can apply a range of nanocoatings. Our preferred weapon of choice is an incredible product called Cquartz by CarPro. This contains high levels of 

Sio2 and can provide up to 3 years of protection if a car is kept

regularly washed and well maintained.










This is an incredibly durable ceramic coating that we use to treat not only the paintwork but the wheels and the glass as well. With proper care, you can expect the ceramic to last anywhere from 24 - 36 months.





The best part about our service is that while other people are charging in the high hundreds or even thousands of pounds we would rather make sure our customers get insane value for money and for only £349 your car will be fully ceramic protected for the next 3 years, even with the harsh Cornish conditions.

This procedure usually takes around 24 hours for a couple of reasons. 

Firstly we fully detail your car, including a complete chemical and physical decontamination of the entire car.

We follow this up with a two-stage paint correction where we compound the entire vehicle to remove swirls and scratches followed by a finishing polish to give it that showroom shine.

It's only after we have fully prepared the paintwork that we move onto the ceramic coating.

Following the full treatment of the ceramic, we will go one step further and add a sacrificial layer. This basically acts as a coating for the coating, providing outstanding results that will genuinely last for years.

Giving our customers this level of attention to detail is what has gained us our reputation and we look forward to working with you.

All the best.


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