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Engine bay cleaning in Cornwall can be a little more challenging than in other parts of the country due mostly to the addition of high levels of salt in the air. Although this doesn't directly affect the engine on your favourite whip it does cause micro deposits of sodium to build on the surface of all components which in turns gives grease and grime an anchor point allowing them to build faster.

If you own a car that you like to show then you will know first hand the importance of having a display engine bay you could eat your dinner off. This process however is not reserved for the car show enthusiast and lots of people will opt for this process to fully detail a car prior to selling or just because, like me your a bit OCD and like spotless car.

The first thing needed is to mask of all electrical components in order to protect them through the degreasing process. We then start with a heavy duty snow foam cleaning in order to remove the heaviest deposits of grease. The foam is left to dwell for around 5 minutes before being pressure blasted off. This part is crucial as over blasting in the wrong places could result in damp electrics.

We then follow this up with an ( APC ) all purpose cleaner, which we agitate into every nook and cranny using a series of detailing brushes to free up all remaining dirt and grease, this is once again blasted away. 

At this point your engine bay will be looking 10 times better but in order to properly detail an engine we need to give it the "Pro Car" treatment.

And so we will then use a Gtechniq trim restorer to take all tubing back to black and to further provide a layer of protection which in turn will make future cleaning easier.

A full detail of an engine bay starts from £25 depending on the size of the engine and how dirty it is but we are happy to offer you a quote if you are unsure.

Just go to the "contact Us" page in the menu above or send us a text and one of the team will be in touch.

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