External Valeting And Detailing

Our exterior valeting service has several different pricing options depending on exactly what you are looking for out of the valet. Please bear in mind engine bay cleaning is done as a separate service.

Protection Valet - £150  6 - 8 Hours

- A full pre rinse with a pressure washer in order to loosen and remove all loose dirt

- Apply a dedicated alloy wheel cleaner which is allowed to dwell for a few minutes for deep cleaning

- Agitate alloy cleaner with boars hair brushes to fully clean the alloy including lug nuts and barrel

- Power rinse alloys to remove all residue of alloy cleaner

- Apply an APC to wheel arches, boot and door shuts and allow to dwell

- Agitate the APC with boars hair brushes and thoroughly rinse to remove all dirt and cleaning residue

- Full touchless pre wash using either snow foam or TFR (traffic film remover)

- Allow TFR or snow foam to dwell in order to loosen all remaining grime

- Remove all cleaning agents or detergents with a pressure wash

- Fully shampoo the car using the two bucket method, a microfibre mitt and a PH balanced shampoo

_- Apply iron fallout remover to dissolve iron particles embeded in the clear coat

- Use a chemical tar dissolver to remove tar spots and other fallout

- Clay Bar Entire Car to complete physical and chemical decontamination

- Clean all exterior glass using a high quality ammonia free glass cleaner

- Complete a single stage machine polish to remove minor imperfections and enhance the gloss of the     paintwork

- Dress the tyres to look good as new

- Apply Poor Boys Alloy protector to protect against brake dust and other particles

- Apply High Temp Paste wax sealant to all paintwork to keep the car protected against the elements

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