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The interior valeting of a car is a topic that can often be forgotten about when talking about the detailing of your favourite whip. The maintenance of a car's internal parts however is as important as the exterior, for all sorts of reasons.

Firstly, if you are looking to sell the vehicle in question then its imperative that the potential new owner sees it in the best light possible. This means the seats and carpets need to be wet vac'd if cloth or upholstry and cleaned and conditioned if they are a leather or faux leather finish.

All door cards should be clean and free from dust, windows should be crystal clear and streak free and the often forgotten headliner should not go without some attention as this is an area that often gets neglected.

If your car is a show car then you will know only too well the importance of an immaculate interior. Its also true that not all classic car owners have the time nor the inclination to detail the interior of their own auto's. If thats the case then of course you are welcome to contact us to ask about our service for show car detailing.

 Whats Included In Our Interior Valet



- Remove all rubbish ( Make sure personals are removed to avoid any awkward conversations )                            

- Dust all air vents

- Thoroughly vacuum all carpets, seats and boot.

- Detail and clean steering wheel and all stalks

- All seats, mats, door cards and carpets are scrubbed with a chemical guys interior detailer. if your interior is leather then this will be cleaned with a specific leather cleaner and followed by a dedicated conditioner and protectant.

- Polish, clean and dust centre console and dash.

- Thoroghly polish all glass to a crystal clear finish

The whole process should take between 2 and 3 hours depending on the level of cleaning required.

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